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David H. Scriven, P.E.

Engineer of Mines, Colorado School of Mines, 1970
Graduate Studies, Mineral Economics
Colorado School of Mines, 1978-79

Professional Experience:

Mr. Scriven is a consulting engineer with over 32 years experience in project management, mining, geotechnical and environmental engineering, economic feasibility studies, design and construction management. His qualifications are exemplified by his experiences as a production shift superintendent in charge of mine operations; planning engineer performing economic feasibility studies on mining projects in the United States, Canada and Mexico; consultant to a financial institution on financial and engineering aspects of mineral and energy development; engineering supervisor in charge of mine design and capital and operating cost estimating for several large coal mining projects in western United States; project manager, geotechnical engineer and construction manager for the reclamation of coal, uranium and metal mines in the Rocky Mountains, U.S.A.; project engineer providing soil analyses and foundation recommendations for numerous building sites in the city of Casper; design engineer on several MSHA dams for Powder River Basin Coal Mines and project manager and engineer on several southwest Wyoming trona tailings and evaporation pond design and construction projects, mine designs, reserve analyses, exploration projects and economic feasibility studies. He has also been the project engineer on several pipelines working on slope stability problems in the Republic of Georgia and the USA.

Key Project Experience:

  • Project Manager for design investigations, designs and bid document preparation for the reclamation of several surface and underground abandoned mines. Mr. Scriven has managed design teams which include geomorphologists, hydrogeologists, health physicists, plant and wildlife ecologists, soil scientists and geochemists, as well as mining, geotechnical, environmental and civil engineers.
  • Production management including design, scheduling and evaluation of large open pit copper mines. The work required supervising staff of over 100 technical and non-technical personnel in the operation of the mine. Assignments also included design and economic evaluations of several undeveloped mining properties throughout the Southwestern United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • Advisor to lending staff of a major Rocky Mountain banking institution on oil and gas and mining projects. Work required technical, environmental and economic evaluations of existing oil and gas wells and grass roots mining projects. Assignments included policy and procedure development and lecturer to other financial institutions on environmental and operating aspects of mineral and energy development.
  • Member of task force to determine feasibility of producing gasoline from large scale coal to gasoline synfuel plant. Prepared mine plans and capital and operating costs for five mines in Montana, Wyoming and Texas with capital costs ranging from $170 million to $1.2 billion.
  • Engineering Supervisor for a large coal mining company in charge of engineering staff preparing mine designs, economic feasibility studies and permitting of several large surface mines in western and southwestern United States and Alaska. Worked on the capital and operating cost estimates for large underground coal mines in Illinois and performed economic studies for acquisition of eastern U.S. coal mining companies.
  • Member of multi-company task force to study rubbilization of oil shale. The purpose of the task force was to develop a methodology to achieve a consistent particle size through controlled blasting techniques for in-situ retorting of oil shale.
  • Project Engineer and Construction Manager for the stabilization of a progressive landslide endangering county roads, private property and a major drainage course. The project includes excavation of over 200,000 cubic yards of material and installation of lined contour drainage channels and toe drains.
  • Project Manager for large Gas Hills AML Reclamation project and geotechnical engineer on several other major Gas Hills and Converse County Uranium projects. Consultant to major Gas Hills uranium producer in preparation of tailings pond reclamation.
  • Project Manager on trona exploration projects in southwest Wyoming testing for Beds #17, 15, 14, 12 and 10. Projects included drilling both from the surface and from Bed #17.
  • Consultant to a western public utility to determine the effects on the mining operating costs created by existing and proposed environmental regulations and to a Mid-western utility to perform economic analyses of coal supplieršs production costs for arranging long-term supply contracts.
  • Geotechnical Engineer providing soil analysis and foundation recommendations for several building sites in and around Casper, Wyoming. Experience includes a variety of soils ranging from gravel pediments to expansive clays and shales. Foundation recommendations range from simple spread footings to drilled piers.
  • Consultant to several Southwest Wyoming trona companies on the construction of evaporation and tailings pond enlargement projects. Assignments included design, permitting and construction management.
  • Project Manager for project to determine feasibility to dispose of trona tailing underground in mined out areas of the mine. Project included preliminary design of injection wells, water recovery system, slurry thickeners and pumping system to inject a tailings slurry into abandoned portions of underground trona mine.
  • Consultant to a trona mining company to perform economic feasibility for tailings disposal alternatives including both surface and underground disposal methods. Assignment also included design, bid document preparation, permit acquisition and construction management of tailings disposal facilities.
  • Project Manager and Design Engineer for a coal scalping project to reduce the load on the roll crusher from the truck dump pocket.
  • Project Manager for the design of a one mile extension to the loop track and engine storage spur for major Powder River Basin coal producer.
  • Consultant to the State of Colorado to develop systems for the closing and reclamation of hundreds of abandoned gold and silver mines throughout the state. Developed procedure and co-authored paper on the feasibility of using polyurethane foam to close abandoned shafts to retain the historical significance of the mining districts.
  • Project Engineer for the preliminary design and cost estimates for settling ponds, grading plans, access roads, and building foundations for in-situ uranium project.
  • Project Engineer for designing and permitting several MSHA dams for Powder River Basin Coal Mines.
  • Project Engineer for making designing and providing technical specifications for stabilizing over thirty sites with slope stability problems in the Republic of Georgia for twenty inch oil pile line from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea.
  • Project Engineer for the design and General Contractor for the rehabilitation of failed slope below an eight inch oil pipeline though a steep canyon in Utah. Performed this task at less than 40 percent of the clients original budget.
  • Project Engineer for preliminary feasibility study for mining Jade in Guatemala.
  • Project Engineer for several due diligence evaluations of industrial minerals operations in Western USA.

Professional Societies:
American Institute of Mining Engineers Wyoming Mining Association

Professional Registration:
Professional Engineer in Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota

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